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blur select

dont you hate it when you made a choise from a select-box, want to go on, roll your maousewheel and involuntarely change the select-box. I made a simple .htc that you can refer to in yous stylesheets, so that your selectbox loses focus upon change. example: ---put this in a file called select.htc--- <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> attachEvent("onchange",wegfocus); function wegfocus() { window.focus(); } </SCRIPT> ---put this in header--- <style> select {behavior: url(select.htc)} </style> ---now if you have a selectbox like this:-- <select name=fiets> <option>kinder</option> <option>opa</option> <option>oma</option> <option>race</option> </select> --end--- it all works

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