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Colorful Object onMouseover 1.0

I think this script is also quite interesting. It can make objects become more lovely and colorful. Here in example, you move you mouse in objects below to see effect:
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dhtmlxTreeGrid is a cross-browser JavaScript component that combines editable table and tree view. It represents both hierarchical and tabular data and allows client-side data entry and editing. Ajax support and rich JavaScript API brings great flexibility to the treegrid allowing you to create customizable dynamic tables with expandable rows. dhtmlxTreeGrid supports data sorting, column resizing, drag-and-drop and different cell types (multiline text, image, combo box, list box, checkbox, radio buttons, etc.). It also provides drag-and-drop feature that allows you to easily rearrange tree items with corresponding rows..
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Multiple dynamic combo boxes

Script to create multiple (unlimited) dynamic combo boxes, linked together.
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blur select

dont you hate it when you made a choise from a select-box, want to go on, roll your maousewheel and involuntarely change the select-box. I made a simple .htc that you can refer to in yous stylesheets, so that your selectbox loses focus upon change. example: ---put this in a file called select.htc--- <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> attachEvent("onchange",wegfocus); function wegfocus() { window.focus(); } </SCRIPT> ---put this in header--- <style> select {behavior: url(select.htc)} </style> ---now if you have a selectbox like this:-- <select name=fiets> <option>kinder</option> <option>opa</option> <option>oma</option> <option>race</option> </select> --end--- it all works
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CodeThatForm package gives you full control over the windows in browser. You can control the style, appearance, content, positioning and sizing of the window. Creation of the windows never was made easier. But more than that - PRO edition of the CodeThatForm enables users to work with the layers the very same way. You can fully mimic the windows in the layers. Full customization through the CSS, dynamic operations and more hot stuff in this package.
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Validation (Complete)

A powerful, easy and fast to implement client-side form validator. You can literlly validate large complex forms in minutes. Validates blanks, length requirements, numbers, decimals, money, zip codes, phone numbers, emails, selects, checkboxes, radio buttons. CSS coloring for errored objects. Documentation included in .js file.
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Fashion Forms

« FASHION FORMS » THE ON-LINE EDITOR GET YOUR FORMS ALIVE « Fashion Forms » is an autonomous and performing on-line editor which can be integrated in all the HTML forms for every technologies and every web sites. This rich text editor will allow you to improve considerably the presentation of of the datas registered by users in your HTML forms permiting text attributes (bold, underline, italic, font, colors, center&#8230;) It is compatible Internet Explorer 4 à 5.5 and can be set up in some minutes with whatever form for whatever client. 3 main assets: - Ergonomics improvement - Easy to integrate - Available in 3 languages (French, English and spanish) You can download the on-line demo to test it at: http://www.agoraonline.com/fdownload.htm (French version) http://www.agoraonline.com/edownload.htm (English version) http://www.agoraonline.com/sdownload.htm (Spanish version)
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SearchBliss Form to Mail Generator

Create forms sent to email easily using this web design tool. Generate an ASP form that sends the information to your email. When the information is submitted, the script calls itself and a comfirmation massage appears at the bottom of the form. This way you there is only one document (mail.asp) making it easy to implament. You may customize the form as you wish. Use our generator or add it to your site for free!
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