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Text Animation

Simple News Scroller by MARQUEE

Use this script to display your news on the webpages. This simple effect just uses marquee tag to scroll news, and scroller pauses when visitors move mouse over it
Compatibility: Only Test IE     Price: Free     Rating: 1 stars of 5     Visits: 368   ( ~ 0.06/day ) Tell A Friend  View Details

JavaScript Rotating 3D Spheroid

JavaScript animation demonstrating the 2D and 3D capabilities of the Scriptersoft graphics library. A 3D model is rotated in front of a 2D star image.
Compatibility: cross browser     Price: Free     Rating: 4 stars of 5     Visits: 294   ( ~ 0.05/day ) Tell A Friend  View Details

Alexandria : a script to add dictionaries, translators and your own dictionaries

Dear Sir, You can try the software on this website: http://www.memodata.com/2004/en/alexandria/install.sh tml To have a preliminary view of the software, you could do this: 1) Discover the dictionaries * double click on a word (not the hyperlinks, a sample word). For instance the word "website". You obtain a new window called Alexandria. This windows will display below your word some definitions, some synonyms etc. * with the menu of the small window, define the French as target language. Then your obtain some translations into French. * if you look the search term "website" (in BOLD), you can observe a curious hyperlink under it. Try this link. Now you can browse several semantic nets in the languages (English and French). 2) Implement your own dictionary * push your mouse on the word "Alexandria", and wait a second. The previous window is now opened, with the content defined by the website to present Alexandria... Best regards, Dominique Dutoit
Compatibility: IE, Mozilla     Price: Free     Rating: 3 stars of 5     Visits: 224   ( ~ 0.04/day ) Tell A Friend  View Details

Translator to hack Language

This function make reading dificult :)
Compatibility: All     Price: Free     Rating: 2 stars of 5     Visits: 442   ( ~ 0.07/day ) Tell A Friend  View Details

Tooltip Generator

Create a DHTML Tooltip box for your site.
Compatibility: All     Price: Free     Rating: 4 stars of 5     Visits: 592   ( ~ 0.08/day ) Tell A Friend  View Details