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Clocks & Dates

Calculate time to load page

Commonly, everybody used to use a programming language in server to calculate time to load page. However, only with JavaScript and little creativeness, you can also calculate time to load your pages. There are two step to set up this script on your web pages. In fact, this script only calculate time to display your pages in client side. Therefore, time to load page depend on speed of processor. Of course, if you place two script nearly, time to load equal 0
Compatibility: Only Test IE     Price: Free     Rating: 3 stars of 5     Visits: 390   ( ~ 0.07/day ) Tell A Friend  View Details

Server time ticking clock

This script allows you not only to display a ticking clock in a web page, you can also set the initial time by perl script, php etc, so that server time can be shown to client. Furthermore, if the server time is synchronized with NTP servers, the time shown in the web page will be absolutely precise.
Compatibility: Internet Explorer     Price: Free     Rating: 2 stars of 5     Visits: 387   ( ~ 0.06/day ) Tell A Friend  View Details

Date Script

This date scripts allows you to easily display a dynamic date format of your choosing in your HTML pages by modifying just a few variables.
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SuperClock is a very customizable day/date/time script with an attractive beveled border that uses your own custom background image.
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